Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stone Bridge

This week marks 15 weeks of training for Stone Bridge Marathon. October 8th is the day for 26.2. I'm actually getting very excited for the day. Who would have thought? I think I'm most excited about accomplishing this and crossing it off my bucket list! I couldn't have done all this training alone. I've had the privilege of training with my friend, Ed. He has been such a support, encourager, and mentor not only in this marathon training but also with Liv Life. I can't thank you enough, Ed, for all your hard work and heart you've put into training and the foundation! I'm so thankful our paths have crossed and this relationship has been formed! I couldn't have done this training or half of the foundation "stuff" without your input and knowledge.

So, on Oct. 8th, come out to Belvidere, Roscoe, and 26.2 miles in between with all your Liv Life gear, posters, etc. to cheer us on! We'd love to see the support along the way.

I Have to also give a shout out to Jake for all the support and encouragement he has given me during this training. You are my biggest fan and love that you support all my endeavors! I'm lucky to have such a supportive spouse! I love you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making up?

Since Finley has become verbal, she knows what she wants. Deep down, I really love this about her. It can be very hard trying to compromise with an extremely strong willed 2 year old that talks well, at times. One of her favorite things that she says to me on a daily basis is that she "want to sleep my momma." She's in a "big girl bed" and we've been really lucky with an easy transition. Nap time, on the other hand, has been different. I think because she can see all her toys and books it's to tempting to stay in bed. So, when she started asking to sleep in my bed during nap time, I gave in. I usually get her to sleep (falling asleep myself for about 20min) and then walk out to get something done. Today, as Finley laid peacefully in my arms, rubbing my face I couldn't help but think about the time I was getting to spend with her. That moment in time. I was holding her like an infant. Cradling her and tickling her limbs to get her to rest. It made me reflect on the time she was an infant. That time that I didn't get to bond with her, because life was literally turned upside down. To this day, when I think about that time, a wave of nausea comes over me. So, am I making up for that lost time? Maybe. I know that I wouldn't trade our nap time ritual for anything. More than anything I want Finley and Livia to know how each of them are making an impact in my life. Everyday I learn something new from my girls and really learn something new about myself.

The Hubert's are most definitely dancing in the rain. With the occasional run for cover when we spot lightning, but hey, that's what keep's life interesting! Livia is in school and once again LOVING every minute of it! She loves riding the bus and I really think school is the best thing for her right now. At the end of the summer Jake and I were discussing that we thought Livia was regressing a bit. Well, I'm happy to report that since school has started, our Liv is back. She is more focused, using words, making more eye contact with positive facial expressions, and all in all more in tune with her environment. Now, if we could just get busy with finding that cure for MPS...HEY, Miracle Drug, by U2 just came on. Maybe it's a sign! I'm praying that Liv's Miracle Drug comes in time!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A punch in the gut

Yesterday was a really difficult day. I got the news that Rachel Ferguson, 9, with MPSIII A passed away peacefully in her sleep. 9 years old! This hit me like a TON of bricks. I'm part of a MPS group on facebook, so there were a lot of people giving this family words of encouragement and expressing their sadness for their loss. I saw a post from another mother who lost her 7 year old. 7?!? It's not like I've not known of other children passing from this, but for some reason it was different yesterday. I think, because we haven't had "bad news" in awhile, I was living our "normal" and things were good. I think part of our "normal" is living in a bit of denial about Sanfilippo. Not that I completely deny that Livia has this, just that I put it away and LIV day to day. Enjoying each moment. Yesterday, seeing this young girls beautiful face all over facebook and knowing how young she was, threw reality right back into my face. It was a punch in the gut that left me very frightened and aware. Aware of the fact that I really don't know how long we will get to Liv with Liv. How can I prepare for this? Does anyone know? Is this even possible? I can rely on my faith and give an eternal perspective, but it still doesn't make that worldly hurt go away. It's really just not fair. To be completely honest, I've been thinking about Livia's next birthday. She will be 5 in February. Most of the material or facts on MPS say that life expectancy for children with this disorder is 10-20 years. This next birthday will mark half way to what could be her life expectancy. What parent is suppose to even think about something like this? It's horrible and it's something that goes through my mind. Now I know, and many people are thinking this, no one knows how long we have. But reality is, I have a glimpse of Livia's future and I can't ignore it.

My heart and prayers go out to the Ferguson family. I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter, Rachel. I pray that you find comfort and peace in this difficult time. Rachel was and is now an angel LIVing in peace for eternity.

Rachel Ferguson